Jared Henderson

  • Undergraduate Education:¬†Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Education and Agricultural Economics,¬†University of Missouri
  • Areas of Specialization: Public Policy and Organizational Change

When I started to look at different master’s programs, The Truman School was one program that was constantly referenced by my peers and mentors. Having earned dual undergraduate degrees here at the University of Missouri in Agricultural Education and Agricultural Economics, I was looking for a program that would help build upon my undergraduate experience, and provide me with a more diverse view of public policy. Here at the Truman School I have been amazed by the many diverse options and experiences that are offered to MPA students. As an MPA student my emphasis will be in Public Policy while also earning a graduate certificate in Organizational Change. As a first year MPA student I am very excited about the endless opportunities that lay ahead, and what experiences the Truman School can provide.