Nonprofit Connect

Hey Everyone!  I hope your week is going well. I have been reviewing different opportunities within the nonprofit sector, one being NonprofitConnect.  Nonprofit Connect is an organization located in the Greater Kansas City area that provides access to job postings and different opportunities to develop the skills necessary to succeed in nonprofit management. On their website you will find many options based on your experience level. The areas I believe would be of most interest to us in the MPA program are the Career Center, Resources, and Programs tabs.

In the Career Center you will find many job postings with nonprofits. Most are full-time positions and are probably more applicable to those who will be graduating soon.  If there is a job that seems to be of interest to you click on the name of the organization and you find a full description of the job. You may even be able to access the organization’s page on NonprofitConnect, which will allow you to access the organization’s website and find out more about their mission. For those of you in your first year, if you find an organization you like, I would suggest checking out their website to see if they have internship opportunities. Forewarning: Some of the organizations don’t have an organization page on NonprofitConnect, but I’m sure if you googled it you would be able to find their website.

In the Programs tab you will find multiple options. Select those you may be interested in and explore the resources provided, one resource being a Shadow Day on Tuesday, October 14th. During this event you will be able to shadow a non-profit professional for a day, using the opportunity to network and also get a feel for what a workday might be like at a nonprofit.

In the Resources tab you will find many resources to use in future career and internship searching.  Good Luck!