PhD Candidate Ashley Price tapped for Rollins Society

Ashley Price, second from left, with fellow Rollins Society inductees during MU’s 90th Annual Tap Day.

Truman School PhD Candidate Ashley Price was formally inducted into the Rollins Society at MU’s 90th Annual Tap Day ceremony on Friday, April 14. Established in 1994 by the Graduate Professional Council, the Rollins Society recognizes graduate and professional students who demonstrate dedication to public service beyond the scope of their academic work.

Dr. Colleen Heflin, Truman School professor and doctoral program director, knows Ashley as a sharp student, a campus activist, and an outstanding person. “At the Truman School, I am lucky enough to come into contact with many students who want to make the world a better place and are willing to work hard to do it,” Heflin said. “Even among this crowd of committed and capable students, Ashley stands out most remarkably because of the tremendous heart she brings to her work. Ashley wants to do work that matters. She is a woman that will leave the world a better place than she found it. I know this because she already has.”

Since 1927, Tap Day has celebrated some of MU’s most exceptional students. Each year, a small group of students are selected (or “tapped”) by their peers to join one of MU’s six secret honorary societies. The identities of these new initiates are kept secret until Tap Day, when they are publicly revealed. Each society also “honor taps” MU staff and faculty members who have contributed significantly to the University.