Kasey Schaumburg awarded the 2017 Mel Carnahan Graduate Fellowship

Kasey Schaumburg

First-year graduate student Kasey Schaumburg received the Mel Carnahan Graduate Fellowship at the Harry Truman School of Public Affairs Awards Ceremony.

“Kasey’s commitment is clear as she successfully manages her full-time position with First Chance for Children and her MPA coursework and responsibilities” Dean Barton Wechsler said. “Her passion and enthusiasm are evident by all.”

The Mel Carnahan Public Service Fellowship is presented to a first-year Master of Public Affairs student who has demonstrated an exceptional commitment to the ideal of public service, contributed to community life and demonstrated effective leadership. Wechsler said in early spring semester, Truman students, faculty, alumni and friends were invited to submit nominations. He said being nominated for this award is a testament to the high caliber of students welcomed to the program each year. This year’s nominees included: Schaumburg, Lincoln Brown, Emma Smoczynski, and Frances Jones.

“The quality of applications this year was absolutely outstanding, and the competition for admission was extremely intense,” Wechsler said.

Kasey Schaumburg at the Harry Truman School of Public Affairs Awards Ceremony.

Schaumburg graduated from MU last May with a degree in social work. During her undergraduate career, she has worked with First Chance for Children, the Adventure Club and Wonderland Camp. Wechsler said it is through her numerous positions and high level involvement with the community that she has demonstrated her commitment to public service.

Those who nominated Schaumburg described her concern for the well-being of children and her spirit to serve the community, according to Wechsler.

“Finally another nominator sums up Kasey, ‘I see wonderful things for Kasey’s future, ‘”said Wechsler. “‘I can only dream what she will accomplish after graduation. She will be a force to be reckoned with to say the least!'”