Potochnick examines the effects of federal policy changes on Mexican immigrant families

Stephanie Potochnick

The 2002 Farm Bill reopened access to federal nutrition assistance for nearly two-thirds of immigrants who lost eligibility under Welfare Reform in 1996. However, in light of cuts to public benefits included in the Trump administration’s proposed fiscal year 2018 budget, federal legislation could undo the bill’s restorations.

In new research, Stephanie Potochnick, assistant professor of public affairs and public health at the University of Missouri, examines how the 2002 Farm Bill influenced food stamp participation and food insecurity rates among low-income Mexican immigrant households with children. Overall, her results suggest that immigration restoration efforts have reversed some but not all of the negative consequences of Welfare Reform.

Potochnick summarized the findings in a Research Brief for the Institute of Public Policy.

The full study, “Reversing welfare reform? Immigrant restoration efforts and food stamp receipt among Mexican immigrant families,” was published in Social Science Research; 60, 88-99 (November 2016).