TSPA hits the road: Making connections throughout the Midwest

Truman School students have the opportunity to participate in Career Connections Trips to various locations. The purpose of these trips is to help students learn about different agencies in specific sectors in surrounding cities. Last year, students accompanied the Director of Career & Alumni Services to visit nonprofits in the St. Louis area, federal agencies in the Kansas City area, and government and nonprofits in Chicago.

This year, Friday, September 29th, 14 students visited state government agencies in Jefferson City. Additionally, the students were able to network with Truman School alumni over lunch. On Friday, October 27th, 14 students will be going to Kansas City to visit nonprofits, including the Office of the City Manager of Kansas City, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Kansas City, the Mid America Regional Council (MARC), and the Kansas City Chamber.

Trips like these not only expose students to different organizations but assist them in building connections with employers. Generally, the visits include a tour of the agency and the opportunity to talk to a variety of employees in different positions so that students can view where their skills might best fit.  The purpose of the trips is not necessarily to obtain positions, but to expose students to different agencies, the culture within those agencies, and assist students in seeing how the skills they are learning in their degree program will transfer to the workplace.