Truman School’s Career Mentor Program, matching alumni with current students

Students meet their Mentors on Thursday, November 9th.

On Thursday, November 9th, Truman School alumni and current students met at Shakespeare’s Pizza for the Mentor Match Up.   This is the third year for the formal mentoring program sponsored by the Career & Alumni Services office.  The program is designed to facilitate the sharing of knowledge between experienced alumni (mentors) and current MPA students (mentees). The students were matched into formal  pairings with area alumni and employers based on the mentee’s interest. The program began with the event Thursday night and ends on April 19, 2018 with the End-Year Wrap Up.

A mentoring relationship is unique to the individuals involved. The mentors and their mentees have the responsibility and freedom to structure the relationship in a way that works best for their schedule and interests. With just two formal events, the pair can decide how frequently they meet and what they would like to do or accomplish when they meet. This partnership allows for individuals to share knowledge, skills, information, and perspective to foster mutual personal and professional growth.

Adity Nur, first-year MPA student and Jolyn Sattizahn, VP of Community Affairs for the Columbia Chamber of Commerce.

The mentor’s role is to be an advisor and advocate for their mentee, encouraging two-way communication and assisting in making  key connections. The mentors provide feedback, maintain confidentiality, and establish an environment for open interaction. Serving as a role model, they  recommend appropriate strategies for personal and professional development, and assist the mentee in refining the path for their future career.

MPA student, Alyssa Bish, engages with alumni.

The mentee’s role is to be an engaged participant by determining the shared interests, skills, and goals they have with their mentor, as well as by asking for help and guidance to be able to gain career perspective. The student is a proactive partner by committing time and effort towards developing the relationship and by showing willingness to take advantage of opportunities offered by the mentor.

On Thursday, thirteen students met their mentors and took the first step in developing a relationship.