Arts & Sciences Chalk Awards

The College of Arts and Science Student Council honored two professors and an academic adviser with Chalk Awards for the fall 2017 semester.

The Purple Chalk Awards recognize excellence in a faculty member. This fall the student council selected Assistant Research Professor Eric Parsons of the Department of Economics to receive the honor.

The Green Chalk Award is given in recognition of a graduate instructor’s excellence, and A&S students chose Troy Hall in the Department of Philosophy to receive the award this fall.

Brittony Corneillier, an adviser in the Division of Biological Sciences, is the recipient of the Blue Chalk Award, which honors excellence in academic advising. Read more

Left photo: Eric Parsons, center, winner of the Purple Chalk Award, pictured with Brooke Lappe and Drew Hill, vice president and president of the student council. Center photo: Troy Hall, winner of the Green Chalk Award, pictured with Hill and Lappe. Right photo: Brittony Corneillier, recipient of the Blue Chalk Award for advising.