Internship Placements

Most Truman School graduate students are required to complete an internship, which requires competencies and skills taught in the Truman School, such as:

  • Research and analysis
  • Planning
  • Organizing programs or events
  • Data analysis
  • Strategic planning
  • The application of specific skills such as the preparation of statistical reports, written analyses and oral presentations

Intern supervisors serve as mentors, meet regularly with the intern, provide feedback and present an evaluation of performance to the internship coordinators at the end of the internship.

Internship Length

Internships are usually equivalent to three months of full-time work, or approximately 360 hours.

Students typically take on internships during the summer break, but some students complete their internships during fall or spring semester or partially during the summer and partially during the semester.

Credit & Compensation

Students can accept a paid or non-paid internships, and these details should be discussed directly between the host organization and the intern.

Students are enrolled in a three-hour course during the internship.

At the end of their internships, students complete a substantial reports about their experiences and present a poster.

Host an Intern

If you are interested in a hosting an intern from the Truman School, please contact Leanne Tippett Mosby at with:

  • A description of internship requirements
  • Expected time period and hours required
  • Internship location
  • Contact information and instructions for applying for the internship