Dissertation Funds

To assist doctoral students during their dissertation period, the Truman School offers financial support in the range of $1,000 up to $2,500 in exceptional circumstances for eligible students towards dissertation expenses. Students are also required to apply for funding from outside the Truman School.

Use of Funds

Dissertation funds from TSPA can be used for

  • travel
  • fieldwork
  • transcription costs
  • data acquisition
  • research equipment

or any other reasonable request in order for the student to complete their dissertation research.


Eligible students are doctoral students who have successfully completed their comprehensive exams and dissertation proposal defense, usually in their third or fourth year of the doctoral program. Students are only eligible to receive Truman School dissertation funds once.

Apply for Funds

To apply for TSPA Dissertation Funds, send the following information to the PhD program coordinator:

  • a letter justifying the need of support
  • a budget listing how the funds will be used
  • a letter in support of student’s request from their advisor

Other Funding Sources