Suggested MPA Electives

Talk with your faculty mentor, academic advisor and career services staff to craft a course of study suited to your career goals. Select five courses to fulfill your area of interest. The following are the suggested elective courses:

PUB_AF 7340: Regional and Economic Development Policy

PUB_AF 8150: Collaborative Governance

PUB_AF 8160: Organizational Dynamics and Leadership

PUB_AF 8190: Economic Analysis for Public Affairs

PUB_AF 8420: Public Program Evaluation (prerequisite: PA 8181)

PUB_AF 8430: Public Policy Analysis (prerequisite: PA 8181)

PUB_AF 8510: Public Budgeting and Taxation

PUB_AF 8710: The Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector

PUB_AF 8720: Budgeting and Financial Management in the Nonprofit Sector

PUB_AF 8830: Grant Writing I

(All courses are 3 credit hours).