Organizational Consulting & Change

This program offers a multi-disciplinary approach to the theory and practice of transforming organizations and communities in a technologically advanced and global economy.

Students will gain a deeper understanding of the challenges of people and organizations, particularly in the public and nonprofit sectors. They will learn models for conflict resolution, strategic planning, executive coaching, team building and organizational diagnosis and assessment.

The curriculum is valuable for careers in academics, management and consulting.

The program

  • emphasizes the dynamic and non-linear nature of change
  • focuses on multiple levels of analyses of change
  • stresses the action-research and psychodynamic orientation of change
  • gives students the opportunity to analyze organizations and communities in the field or through case studies
  • explores in depth the role of a change agent

This certificate can be completed online.


  • PUB_AF 8610: Group Dynamics and Conflict Resolution
  • PUB_AF 8620: Organizational Analysis & Change
  • PUB_AF 8630: Organizational Change in a Community and Global Context
  • Students without prior coursework in organizational theory and behavior will take PUB_AF 8160: Organizational Dynamics and Leadership. Students with prior coursework can select an elective course (from the Truman School or another MU graduate unit) in consultation with the certificate coordinator.