Ph.D. Candidates on the Job Market

Truman School of Public Affairs. Portraits.Darima Butitova

Research Areas: Organizational Analysis and Change, Pubic Personnel Management, Policy Implementation and Evaluation
Committee: Dr. Michael Diamond (Chair), Dr. Victoria Johnson, Dr. Barton Wechsler, Dr. Mirae Kim

Dissertation: “In the Eyes of the Beholder: Exploring Work Perceptions of State Government Employees”


Truman School of Public Affairs. Portraits.Leslie Hodges

Research Areas: Social Policy, Labor Market Policy, Program Evaluation

Committee: Dr. Colleen Heflin, TSPA (chair), Dr. Peter Mueser, Department of Economics, Dr. Joan Hermsen, Department of Sociology and Department of Women’s and Gender Studies, Dr. Rajeev Darolia, TSPA/Dep’t of Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis.

Dissertation:Three Essays on the Labor Market Determinants of Access to Social Programs


Truman School of Public Affairs. Portraits.Kate Olson

Research Areas: Social Demography, Social Policy, Immigration Policy

Committee: Dr. Colleen Heflin (Chair), Dr. Matthew Foulkes, Dr. Peter Mueser, Dr. Claire Altman

Dissertation: “Immigrant Nonprofit Organizations and Immigrant Use of Social Services”



price-ashley-400x600Ashley Price

Research Areas: Evidence Based Programs, Health Policy, Social Policy, Public Policy Analysis, Program Implementation and Evaluation

Committee: Dr. Colleen Heflin, TSPA (Chair); Dr. Irma Arteaga, TSPA; Dr. Peter Mueser, Dep’t of Economics; Dr. Enid Schatz, School of Health Professions

Dissertation:  “Three Essays on Food Insecurity, Nutrition Outcomes, and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Participation Among Seniors”