Financial aid

For incoming MPA students

Most funding opportunities are for first-year students beginning in the fall. Funding opportunities for students who wish to begin in the spring semester are very rare, and funding is not offered for students starting in the summer.

  • To be considered, students must apply to the Truman School by January 15.
  • Funding decisions are made separately from admissions decisions.
  • Award recipients will be notified by late March or early April.

For international MPA students

When you received your official acceptance notification from the Office of Graduate Studies, you will be able to fill out the enrollment form in the online application system.

This will prompt the International Center and the Office of Graduate Studies to issue an I-20. For questions about the status of your I-20, please contact your graduate admissions advisor.

For doctoral students

The Truman School funds doctoral students through a mixture of research and teaching assistantships, grants, fellowships and scholarships.

We offer funding at the level of $18,000 for nine months (including tuition and health insurance).