MPA Travel Awards

The Truman School of Public Affairs offers current MPA students travel funding of up to $250 per year. These awards provide travel funds for graduate students, in good standing, who are attending professional conferences.

Award Process

Students must develop their own Application Packet.  Applications must not exceed two pages and must be received a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the event. Awards will be made on an ongoing basis until the annual budget has been expended.

Please include the following items:

  • Student name
  • Conference/event title, date and location
  • Brief description of the Conference and why you would like to attend. In what way(s) will your planned travel experience deepen your understanding of a specific interest area or assist you in your career development.
  • Include a full budget of expenses to be incurred (Funding is in the form of post-travel reimbursements so receipts must be provided to the departmental fiscal officer in compliance with university regulations.)
  • Explain how you plan to engage at the conference:
    • Oral or poster presentation
    • Network with possible collaborators/employers
    • Meet and network with stimulating thinkers
    • Network with other professors (to explore future graduate training or postdoctoral opportunities)
    • Other (please explain)

Submit completed proposals to Leanne Tippett Mosby via email at Please note we will limit student applications for a particular conference and will provide funding to an individual student only once per fiscal year.

Post Travel Requirement for Reimbursement

Prior to receiving reimbursement for your travel, you must submit a one page typed narrative or blog post (400 words) describing your conference experience.  Send the completed narrative/blog post to Leanne Tippett Mosby, Director of Career & Alumni Services, In your one page narrative/blog post, please highlight the following (as appropriate):

  • What contacts were made and how might they influence your research/policy interest, your future graduate education, and/or career opportunities?
  • In what way(s) did your recent travel experience further your interdisciplinary understanding of your area of study?
  • Describe any potential opportunities that may arise due to your attendance.
  • What new research or ideas did you learn about and how might it impact your current or career direction?
  • What was the most interesting thing you learned?