On-Campus Option

The MPA program requires a total of 45 credit hours of graduate course work.

Full-time students can complete the MPA program in two years.

Core courses (27 credit hours)

Every MPA student takes core courses to build a strong foundation of basic knowledge and skills and to prepare for advanced studies in an area of specialization.

  • PUB_AF 8150: Collaborative Governance
  • PUB_AF 8160: Organizational Dynamics and Leadership
  • PUB_AF 8170: Public Policy Processes and Strategies
  • PUB_AF 8180: Research Methods and Inquiry in Public Affairs I
  • PUB_AF 8181: Research Methods and Inquiry in Public Affairs II
  • PUB_AF 8190: Economic Analysis for Public Policy
  • PUB_AF 8210: Democracy and the Public Service
  • PUB_AF 8530: Strategic Management of Public Service Organizations: People, Information, and Money
  • PUB_AF 8211: MPA Capstone: Applied Project

Area of specialization (15 credit hours)

Students choose one of two specializations. The chosen area of specialization includes five courses total. Two courses are required, and students work with their faculty advisers to choose three other courses that interest them. Choose either:

  • Public and nonprofit management
  • Public policy

Internship (3 credit hours)

Every student is required to complete an internship in a public or nonprofit organization.

This helps students:

  • gain experience in public service
  • apply knowledge from coursework
  • build professional connections

Students with significant public sector or nonprofit work experience may request an exemption from the internship requirement.

In addition to the core and elective courses offered by the Truman School, students may take courses offered by other schools and colleges at MU in consultation with the director of graduate studies.