Mid-Career Option

The mid-career option is designed for professionals with three to five years of progressively responsible work experience.  The program requires 33 credit hours of graduate course work. The mid-career option is available in Jefferson City and/or Columbia, and also can be 100% online if you prefer.

The internship requirement (PA 8280) and the capstone applied project (PA8211) are waived for working professionals completing the mid-career option.

Prerequisites (6 credit hours)

Students who have not completed prior coursework in micro economics and statistics within the past five years must take these two courses as prerequisites. Several online course options are available, please discuss with the Academic Programs Office.

Core Courses (21 credit hours)

  • PA 8150: Collaborative Governance
  • PA 8160: Organizational Dynamics and Leadership
  • PA 8170: Public Policy Processes and Strategies
  • PA 8185: Research Methods and Inquiry in Public Affairs
  • PA 8195: Economic Analysis for Public Policy
  • PA 8210: Ethics, Democracy and the Public Service
  • PA 8530: Strategic Management of Public Service Organizations: People, Information, and Money

Areas of Specialization (12 credit hours)

  • Public and Nonprofit Management
  • Public Policy (requires additional coursework on-campus)