The mission of the Truman School’s MPA Program is to prepare a diverse student body for ethical leadership in the public, nonprofit, and private sectors.  The MPA program draws upon the interdisciplinary teaching, research and public service capacity of the Truman School to provide students with a range of perspectives and experiences that promote public service values and democratic discourse. Through their coursework, students build knowledge of policy processes and management principles and develop critical thinking and analytic skills that enable them to advance in careers in a rapidly changing public service. 

The Truman School promotes respect for diversity by exposing students to national and international scholars, governmental and nonprofit leaders, and students from various countries who exemplify public service values.  The Truman School seminar series provides students an understanding of public policy and social problems related to diverse populations. 

The University places a strong emphasis on diversity.  The Division of Inclusion, Diversity and Equity at the University dedicates funds to hiring and retaining diverse faculty and staff, sponsors a lectures series, and requires diversity training for all faculty, staff, and students.   All departments have access to programming and resources sponsored by the Division of Inclusion, Diversity and Equity.  These include education and professional development programs for students, faculty and staff.  Examples include:

  • The African American Experience a lecture series open to university students and staff as well as the community with opportunities to gain understanding of present-day Missouri by learning about the history of African Americans within the state.
  • LGBTQ issues including an LGBTQ outreach panel and Safe Space training.
  • Citizenship@Mizzou, a two-hour interactive program designed to introduce students to the values of Mizzou and to the ways in which we engage with issues of citizenship on a richly varied and diverse campus.
  • Communicating Across Differences, a series designed to enhance the capacity of faculty, staff and students to engage in conversations about challenging, emotionally laden topics (e.g., race, discrimination, policy, politics, etc.)
  • The Core Concept Series, to provide members of the Mizzou community with a foundational understanding of essential ideas to promote diversity and inclusion at Mizzou.

Mizzou also hosts an LGBTQ Resource Center that advises many campus organizations, hosts events and the InsideOUT Radio Show.  In addition there are many student organizations to help meet the needs of our diverse student body, including: