Political Science Emphasis in Pre-Law 

The political science emphasis in pre-law is recommended for those who want to enter law school or prepare for paralegal careers. It is designed to introduce students to the study of law and judicial process and also provides a general orientation for law school. This program is ideal for those seeking careers in intelligence or law enforcement. 

If you are interested in the Pre-Law emphasis option for the Political Science BA, you can either declare it upon admission to the university or schedule an appointment with a Political Science academic advisor to discuss switching or adding the emphasis as a current student.

To earn the emphasis, students complete the same breadth of core courses as they would with a general BA in Political Science, but take Pre-Law specific courses for their remaining Political Science electives. 

These topics include:

  • The Judicial Process
  • American Constitutional Democracy
  • Constitutional Debates
  • The American Constitution 
  • Constitutional Rights
  • The United States Supreme Court
  • Constitution and Civil Liberties
  • Politics of Criminal Justice