Women’s Foundation Gender Wage Equity “Best Practices”

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About the Project

IPP contracted with the Women’s Foundation in Kansas City to conduct research on best practices for reaching gender pay equity in Missouri. The first phase of this project includes:

  •  conducting an extensive literature review of research related to gender pay equity;
  •  evaluating the programs of other states and municipalities which have recently enacted gender pay laws;
  •  developing a preliminary recommendation of best practices for employers in the public and private sectors in Missouri. For the second phase of this project, IPP   will develop a more comprehensive report of Pay Equity Best Practices Guidelines to be completed by Equal Pay Day in April 2016.


In December 2015, the preliminary best practices developed by IPP were written into Missouri Governor Jay Nixon’s Executive Order No. 15-09, which directed Executive Branch agencies and encouraged private sector employers, to review and determine how these practices can be used to identify and address any gender wage gap. You can read more about Executive Order 15-09.

Contract Dates

November 2015 – March 2016 

Published On
March 2016

Emily Johnson