Publications by Policy Area

Title Publication Date
Institute of Public Policy Annual Report (2020-2021)
Columbia, Missouri's Recycling Program: Existing Challenges Amplified by COVID-19
Equity and Resilience
Public Health and Pandemics
How Accurate is Online Information about SNAP?
The Ferguson Papers: The Institute of Public Policy and The Ferguson Commission
Examining Level of Government Transparency Through County Government Web Sites
Diversity in the Missouri Legislature, 1991 to 2013
Community Resilience: Understanding the Economic Impacts of Disruptions in Water Service
Regional Profile of Missouri Food Pantry Clients and Households
Regional Resilience: Research Policy Brief
Reversing Welfare Reform? Examining the effects of policy changes on Mexican immigrant families
The Ferguson Papers: Community Trust in Law Enforcement
The Ferguson Papers: Race and Education
The Ferguson Papers: Race and Economic Disparities
Feeding the Hungry: Results from a Survey of Food Pantry Directors in Mid-Missouri
The Path to Successful Reentry: The Relationship Between Correctional Education & Outreach, Employment and Recidivism
St. Louis Metro Hunger Atlas
Is Incarceration Still the Answer? The Impact of Current Policies & Possible Alternatives
Kansas City Metro Hunger Atlas
Poverty, Hardship and Depression
Guidebook of the Community Resilience Assessment Online Tool
Building Resilience Guidebook
Regional Resilience and Vulnerability Indexes: A Progress Report
Planning for a More Resilient Future: A Guide to Regional Approaches
2014 Youth Community Coalition Assessment
Community Input Report (Executive Summary)
Community Input Report (Full)
Boone County Issues Analysis: Basic Needs & Emergency Services
Missouri Department of Corrections Community Reentry Funding Round 4, 2011 – 2012 Final Report
Independent Living Final Report
Children, Youth and Families Final Report
Demographic and Poverty Data Supplement for Boone County, MO
Missouri Emergency Management Preliminary Analysis
Working Paper IPP/08 1 Protocol Selection of Missouri Pilot Counties For Implementation of Regional Resilience Toolkit
Working Paper IPP/07 1 Measuring Resilience and Vulnerability in U.S. Counties
Working Paper IPP/03 1 Emergency Management in Six Disaster-Prone Missouri Counties
Working Paper IPP/01 1 County Level Resilience and Vulnerability Index
Economic Development
Title Publication Date
The Future of Work in Missouri: Rural-Urban Differences in Entrepreneurship
An Updated Analysis of Race and Gender Effects on Employer Interest in Job Applicants
Policy Options for Closing the Gender Wage Gap
Missouri’s Energy Outlook
Public Expenditures and Economic Growth
Comparing Taxes in Missouri and Surrounding States
Assessing the Impact of Missouri’s Tax Credits: An Update
Rural Entrepreneurship in a Time of Recession
Assessing the Impact of Missouri’s Tax Credits
Thinking of Tax Policy as a Portfolio
Seven Steps to Increasing Rural-Urban Economic Connections in Central Appalachia
The Hancock Amendment: Missouri’s Tax Limitation Measure
Snapshot Missouri: A National Comparison
Internet Sales and Use Tax Issues in Missouri
Economic Development Incentive Programs: Some Best Practices
Evaluation of Major State Taxes in Missouri
Missouri’s Sales, Personal Income & Corporate Income Taxes
Missouri’s State & Local Expenditures
Missouri’s State & Local Revenues, Debt & Intergovernmental Revenues
Missouri’s State and Local Taxes
Status of Women in Missouri 2017
Pay Equity Best Practices Guidelines Summary
Pay Equity Best Practices Guidelines
Creating Opportunity and Prosperity Through Strengthening Rural-Urban Connections
Analysis of State Revenues and Expenditures
Economic Opportunity Final Report