Population, Education, and Health Seminar Series

211 Middlebush Hall

Anne Winkler, Department of Economics, University of Missouri-St. Louis

Investigating the Biomedical Workforce: Gender, Field of Study, and Retention

The Population, Education, and Health (PEH) Seminar Series is ready to begin the spring semester! PEH will feature faculty from Missouri and across the country to present research with implications for population studies and public affairs. This is an exciting opportunity for scholars from various disciplines, including economics, demography, sociology, anthropology, public health, education, social work and others to come together and share their research in a collaborative environment.

Sponsored by the Truman School of Public Affairs (Monroe-Paine Lecture Fund) and the Department of Economics. For more information about this biweekly seminar series, please contact Dr. Stephanie Potochnick at potochnicks@missouri.edu.

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