Cory Koedel

Cory Koedel
Working Title
Professor, Economics
People Type
Adjunct Faculty
615 Locust Street

PhD from University of California, San Diego

Research Emphasis

Economics of education


Dr. Koedel’s research is in the areas of teacher quality and compensation, curriculum evaluation, school choice and the efficacy of higher education institutions. His work has been widely cited in top academic journals in the fields of economics, education and public policy, and he has served on several technical advisory panels related to school and teacher evaluations for school districts, state education agencies and non-profit organizations. Dr. Koedel is coeditor of Economics of Education Review and serves on the editorial boards of Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis and Education Finance and Policy. He was awarded the Outstanding Dissertation Award from the American Educational Research Association (Division L) in 2008, and in 2012 he received the Junior Scholar Award from the same group.

Courses Taught

Advanced Empirical Methods

Economics of Education

Labor Economics

Selected Publications

Koedel, Cory, and P. Brett Xiang (2017). Pension Enhancements and the Retention of Public Employees. Industrial and Labor Relations Review 70(2): 519-551

Backes, Ben, Dan Goldhaber, Cyrus Grout, Cory Koedel, Shawn Ni, Michael Podgursky, P. Brett Xiang and Zeyu Xu (2016). Benefit or Burden? On the Intergenerational Inequity of Teacher Pension Plans. Educational Researcher 45(6): 367-377

Do Employers Prefer Workers Who Attend For-Profit Colleges? Evidence from a Field Experiment. Rajeev Darolia, Cory Koedel, Paco Martorell, Katie Wilson and Francisco Perez-Arce Journal of Policy Analysis and Management 34(4): 881-903

Koedel, Cory, Eric Parsons, Michael Podgursky and Mark Ehlert (2015). Teacher Preparation Programs and Teacher Quality: Are There Real Differences Across Programs? Education Finance and Policy 10(4): 508-534

Koedel, Cory, Kata Mihaly, and Jonah E. Rockoff (2015). Value-Added Modeling: A Review. Economics of Education Review 47: 180-195

Arcidiacono, Peter and Cory Koedel (2014). Race and College Success: Evidence from Missouri. American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 6(3): 20-57

Koedel, Cory, Michael Podgursky and Shishan Shi (2013). Teacher Pension Systems, the Composition of the Teaching Workforce, and Teacher Quality. Journal of Policy Analysis and Management 32(3): 574-596

Bhatt, Rachana and Cory Koedel (2012). Large-Scale Evaluations of Curricular Effectiveness: The Case of Elementary Mathematics in Indiana. Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis 34(4): 391-412

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