David Switzer

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Working Title
Assistant Professor
People Type
615 Locust Street

PhD from Texas A&M University

Research Emphasis

Environmental Policy

Public Management

Local Government


Dr. Switzer’s work stands at the intersection of political science, public management, and normative theory, with an emphasis on water policy in the United States. His major research focus is on how political and administrative variables shape the implementation and development of environmental policy at the local level. His current research agenda is aimed at exploring how the organizational structure of water utilities determines responses to the political, climatological, and demographic environment in which the organization exists. He has additional interests in democratic theory, urban policy, and environmental justice. 

Courses Taught

Policy Processes and Strategies

Human Resources Management

Environmental Policy

State and Local Government Administration

Selected Publications

Citizen Partisanship, Local Government, and Environmental Policy Implementation. Urban Affairs Review

Drinking from the Talent Pool: A Resource Theory of Human Capital and Agency Performance. Public Administration Review (with Manuel P. Teodoro)

Getting off the (Water) Bottle: Constraining or Embracing Individual Liberty in the Pursuit of the Public Interest. Ethics, Policy, and Environment