Judith Stallmann

Judith Stallmann
Working Title
Professor Emerita, Agricultural & Applied Economics, Rural Sociology
People Type

PhD from Michigan State University

Research Emphasis

Rural and regional economic development

State and local public finance


Dr. Stallmann’s research areas include state and local public finance and rural economic development.  One current research focus is the impact of tax and expenditure limitations, such as Hancock in Missouri or TABOR in Colorado, on state economic growth, quality of infrastructure, use of debt, bond ratings, etc.  A second focus is providing information on the budget trends of the third class counties in Missouri, the smallest in population and the most rural.

Past research topics include: the impact of retirees on the economy of rural areas, economic and fiscal impact analysis for small areas, educational incentives for youth, rural labor and family incomes, and part-time farming. Dr. Stallmann has published in: American Review of Public Administration, Public Policy and AdministrationPublic Finance and Management, Public Finance Review, Public Budgeting and Finance, The Journal of Public and Nonprofit Affairs, International Journal of Public Administration, Public Works Management and Policy, Growth and Change, Social Science Asia, Review of Regional Studies, Economic Development Quarterly, The Gerontologist, The Journal of the Community Development Society, Agricultural and Resource Economics Review, Choices, Youth and Society, Agricultural and Resource Economics Review, Women in Natural Resources and Society and Natural Resources.

She teaches economics for public policy analysis and international comparative rural policy studies and directs the interdisciplinary MU Community Processes Graduate Certificate.

Dr. Stallmann is a Fellow of the Southern Regional Science Association. She received the the 2018 Donald W. Fancher Provost Award for Outstanding Achievement in Extension and Continuing Education and the 2016 Vice Chancellor of Extension’s Award for Outstanding Achievement on Campus.. With co-authors she received the 2018 annual best paper award from The Journal of Public and Nonprofit Affairs. She has served on the editorial boards of the Review of Regional Studies, Journal of the Community Development Society, Review of Agricultural Economics and Choices. She is a former president of the Southern Regional Science Association and the Community Economics Network and has served on the Executive Councils of the North American Regional Science Association, the Southern Regional Science Association and the Committee on Women in Agricultural Economics. She has served as a consultant to the Government of Honduras, the United States Agency for International Development, and the International Labour Organisation. She is a former Peace Corps Volunteer in Honduras.

Courses Taught

PA 8195: Economics for public policy analysis

AAE/PA 8860:  International comparative rural policy studies

Selected Publications

“The Effects of Tax and Expenditure Limits on State Fiscal Reserves.”
Maher, Craig S., Steven C. Deller, Sungho Park and Judith I. Stallmann. 2017

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