Community Resilience Capacity Building Workshop Piloted

Zach Buckler and Tracey Potts
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Researchers involved with the Missouri Transect EPSCoR project hosted a workshop on May 11th in Brookfield, Missouri with economic development leaders from across Northern Missouri. This workshop involved an interactive presentation regarding the nationwide county resilience and vulnerability indicator tool and research found at  The purpose of the workshop was to merge local expertise with state and national benchmarking data relating to issues surrounding resilience and vulnerability in communities and to pilot the Resilience Building Guidebook and online tools as a case study of this capacity building process.

IPP developed the guidebook detailing how to build capacity in thinking about regional resilience. The guidebook examines how data can be used to aid in strategic community resilience planning. The researchers used the guidebook as a platform for organizing this thinking process as well as a guide on how to apply the data tools online. Community leaders can utilize the wealth of community resilience research and data available on the website with their local expertise to help prioritize and more strategically tackle the multitude of issues influencing community resilience. The guidebook and online tools together make this process practical and straightforward.

Resilience Building Guidebook