Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

Tracey Potts
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On Friday, Emily Johnson, COO of the Institute of Public Policy and Bridget Sharpe, Government Affairs & Industry Relations Manager of the Professional Beauty Association joined Wendy Doyle of the Women’s Foundation in a virtual press conference to present new research on solutions to lower occupational licensing barriers that make it difficult for women to start their own businesses.  Challenges women face include the portability of professional licenses across state lines (reciprocity), starting up new businesses in rural areas and the dramatic expansion of licensing regulations effecting women dominated professions over the last few decades. Researchers found that out of 139 professions surveyed, 41% were licensed only in one state.

Policy considerations of the research outlined some solutions for improving entry or reentry into licensed professions including conducting cost-benefit analyses, expanding national and regional reciprocity compacts, data collection and sharing to identify efficiencies for system improvements and fee waivers for low-income job seekers. Watch the presentation.

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