EPSCoR Toolkit Online

Rosemary Belson
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The EPSCoR online regional resilience toolkit is now public. Communities across the country now have access to this county-specific and nationwide data. The toolkit is a part of the EPSCoR project and has been launched on Community Commons.

Since 2014, IPP has contributed to the regional resilience work of the EPSCoR project. Due to the increasing number of major disasters declared within the state of Missouri, there was need to help communities better survive these disasters.

“An example would be the major flooding seen along the Missouri River in December 2015,” said Erin Meyers, IPP Policy Analyst. “While we may not be able to control if heavy precipitation occurs, we can better prepare our communities for when flooding happens. Knowing the percentage of households in a community that live within two miles of a levee or dam is important for planning purposes.”

Regional planners can identify, through access to the tools, areas of vulnerability and areas of strength in the community. Community planners can prioritize those areas and begin to increase resilience for both climate change and other man-made disasters.

Brian Dabson, the former director of IPP, Kathy Miller, Director of Programs at the Truman School of Public Affairs, and Angela Johnson of CARES developed the Resilience and Vulnerability Indexes, which have since been applied in the Commons site to allow for interactive mapping and reporting of the Index data.

Besides the contribution to the online toolkit, IPP previously published working papers on the ways communities can become more resilient and the characteristics of resilient communities.