MODOC Project Update

Emily Johnson
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The Institute of Public Policy has entered their eleventh year working with the Missouri Department of Corrections on the evaluation of community reentry projects across the state. The Department of Corrections has three projects this year focusing on the successful reentry of offenders back into the community. By connecting offenders with needed services and programs, the Department of Corrections seeks to reduce reoffense rates among participants. Those projects include:

  • Community Reentry Funding Initiative – Nine organizations across the state were funded to provide offender reentry services in nine program areas: housing, employment, mental health, substance abuse, academic, vocational, family, transportation, and basic needs.
  • Pre and Post Release Initiative – Participants in these four programs receive services both prior to leaving the institution and upon release to the community. These services give clients the skills and planning necessary to be successful after reentry and avoid returning to the institution.
  • Kansas City Release Center Services – One program is provided to help individuals who are residing in the Kansas City Release Center to assist with finding housing and employment to transition these clients out of the release center.

The Institute of Public Policy provides both technical assistance and evaluation services for these programs to the Department of Corrections. In the past, these community reentry programs have been found to provide hundreds of thousands of service units to thousands of clients in Missouri and to have a significant impact on reoffense rates for the highest-risk program participants.


October 26, 2018