Keith Jamtgaard

Keith Jamtgaard
Working Title
Senior Research Associate and Research Assistant Professor
People Type
137-A Middlebush Hall

Ph.D., MS, Rural Sociology

BA MAth & Sociology


Keith is responsible for the management of certain data archives maintained by the University of Missouri related to Missouri's public schools.  These include data related educational resources, educational performance, and the perceptions of the participants regarding school improvement issues.  He leads an annual set of surveys of approximately 200 schools identified for school improvement assistance, in order to monitor changing perceptions of school culture and leadership among students and faculty.  Also responsible for administration, analysis, and reporting of a set of six surveys of beginning teachers, counselors, and administrators concerning the quality of their educator preparation programs.  Indicators from these surveys are used in the state’s accreditation decision regarding these programs.  As a contribution to the discipline, for the past sixteen years he have been a contributing editor to the sociology section of the Handbook of Latin American Studies, published biennially by the Library of Congress.

Additional Publications