Boone County Children’s Services Fund Consultant

Policy Areas

Boone County Children’s Service Fund by way of the Boone County Office of Purchasing

About the Project

In November 2012, Boone County voters approved a sales tax aimed at establishing a local Children’s Services Fund. This fund is expected to raise $6 million annually and will serve as a funding bank for programs serving local children, youth, and families. IPP has been hired to consult for the nine-person board assigned to oversee the funding allocations to local agencies.

There are four distinct phases in which IPP guides the board through during the consultation period. In the first phase, IPP identifies viable funding categories set forth by the Missouri Statute. This phase is essential in helping the board to understand the scope and limitations of the law which make the fund possible. In the second phase, IPP synthesizes a series of local reports on children, youth, and families whereby common themes and needs set forth by the community are identified. In the third phase, IPP inventories potential service providers who may be eligible for funding. This phase helps the board to quantify the number of agencies that may apply for funding. The fourth phase centers around community input. The board has a strong commitment to hearing from the community before funding takes place, and by doing so the board aims to understand the struggles and opportunities of local service providers. To garner this information, IPP conducts a series of primary data collection services and analysis including: community input sessions, key informant interviews, and a county-wide survey of service providers.

Contract Dates

Jan. 23, 2014 – July 10, 2014

Published On
May 2014