Boone County Community Services Agency Evaluation

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Boone County / City of Columbia

About the Project

Each year, the City of Columbia and County of Boone contract with local social service agencies to provide a wide range of social services to citizens of Columbia and Boone County. Providing funding for needed services is intended to improve the quality of life for the recipients of services and the community as a whole.

For the 4th year the City/County have contracted with the Institute of Public Policy to provide a capacity evaluation of the agencies which are being considered for funding.

The goals of the provider capacity evaluation process are to:

Provide the City/County with an objective assessment of the organizational capacity of prospective social service providers to inform the annual social services funding process
Provide applicant organizations with information which can be utilized to continuously improve the quality of their organizations and services

Social services agency will be evaluated based on their funding category as follows:

  • 2013 – Basic Needs and Emergency Services
  • 2014 – Children, Youth, and Families
  • 2015 – Economic Opportunity, Independent Living, Mental Health

The evaluation is intended to assess the providers’ capacity in the following areas:

  • process and delivery
  • data management
  • performance management
  • program-based budgeting
  • financial management
  • systems and infrastructure
  • human resources
  • external relationships

The evaluator will conduct individual site visits with each of the providers and will compile a final report to be presented to the Boone County Community Services Advisory Commission.

See previous evaluation reports.


Published On
August 2017

Emily Johnson