Boys and Girls Club of Columbia Project

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Children's Services Fund through The Boone County Community Resources

About the Project

In 2012, the citizens of Boone County created a Children's Services Fund for the purpose of providing services to protect and improve the lives of children, youth, and families in Boone County. As part of that mission, the Boone County Children's Services Board (BCCSB) strategically invests programs that deliver effective and quality services for children and families in need including The Boys and Girls Club of Columbia. The Institute of Public Policy is contracted by the Boys and Girls Club of Columbia, MO to evaluate their Mental Health Programs through a review of the assessments and administrative data administered and collected by the Club. Pre and post assessments include:

  • Behavior and Emotional Screening System Tool
  • Healthy Lifestyles
  • Child and Adolescent Disruptive Behavior Inventory (CADBI)
  • Resiliency
  • Meth Smart
  • Mindfulness Group
  • Art Group
  • Positive Action
  • SMART Moves
  • Smart Girls
  • Triple Play
  • Others


The BGCC assessments evaluation includes the Behavior and Emotional Screening System Tool, Healthy Lifestyles, Child and Adolescent Disruptive Behavior Inventory (CADBI), Individual Counseling Program Evaluation, Meth Smart, Mindfulness Group, Art Group, Positive Action, SMART Moves, SMART Girls, and Triple Play; seeks to determine to which extent these assessments indicate positive outcomes for the youth in key impact areas including improved academic success, good character & citizenship, and healthy lifestyles. Impact reports show Boys and Girls Club kids are more likely to stay in school, are less likely to use drugs, alcohol, or tobacco, and are less likely to become teen parents.


Published On
November 2021

Sonita Simelus, MPH, CHES