Enhanced Re-Entry Project Program Evaluation

Policy Areas

Phoenix Programs Inc., through an Offender Reentry Grant provided by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

About the Project

The Enhanced Re-Entry Project (E-REP) was designed to reduce recidivism for 224 recently released, high-risk offenders in Boone County. E-REP implements promising practices and evidenced-based principles in an outpatient re-entry program addressing key risk factors for recidivism. These risk factors include: substance use, employment, retention, and access to recovery support services.

IPP was contracted by Phoenix Programs Inc. to evaluate E-REP’s success in reducing recidivism among participants and to provide Phoenix Program’s Inc. with evidence-based recommendations for improving organizational performance in the future. The evaluation uses a mixed method approach to measure outcomes for E-REP participants. Structured quantitative interviews are completed with participants every three months for one year after enrolling in the program and semi-structured qualitative interviews are completed with a non-random sample of participants as well. Data are compared to a match group generated from a national database and to other programs using the same structured interview tool. It is IPP’s intent that Phoenix Programs use the evaluation results to make programmatic and grant seeking decisions that are in line with their goals and capacity.

Published On
August 2016