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This brief synthesizes research on paid family leave policies and practices and highlights the current status of paid family leave legislation in Missouri.  Paid Family Leave programs allow a portion of the employee’s wages to be paid if he or she takes leave from work for the birth or adoption of a child or to care for an ill or injured family member. In some cases, paid family leave has been extended to include leave taken for situations related to domestic violence such as court proceedings or relocation, or in support of a family member who is on active military duty.


This brief highlights the potential impact of paid family leave of the working families of Missouri.  The economic impact of paid leave on families includes some income during the employee’s absence for those utilizing paid leave and an increased likelihood that women will still be working nine to twelve months after the birth of a child.  Families need access to paid family leave to care for children and the elderly. Research shows that paid family leave policies had a “positive effect” or “no noticeable effect” on productivity, profitability, turnover, and employee morale,-also long-term productivity can increase due to improved recruitment, retention, and employee motivation.

Published On
August 2016

Emily Johnson