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The University of Missouri benefits all Missourians through teaching, research, extension, and engagements that have statewide reach and impact well beyond the campus and its classrooms.

The University of Missouri IMPACT website provides a searchable inventory of MU programs, activities and educational opportunities that bring valuable knowledge and resources directly to the people and communities of Missouri. Information can be viewed statewide or can be filtered by county, school district, or State House, State Senate and Congressional legislative districts.

This tool is available for public use to help build new connections and collaborations and to demonstrate how the University of Missouri really serves as the University for Missouri.

IPP serves as the website and data content mangers for the inventory alongside our partners at the Center for Applied Research and Engagement Systems (CARES). Working with various schools and departments across campus, IPP works to connect Missourians with the engagements MU has all over the state.

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Published On
August 2018

Zach Buckler