Stephanie Potochnick

  • Research Interests

  • Immigration Policy


Dr. Potochnick’s research examines the social demography of immigration and how programs and policies can promote the education and health of immigrant youth. She uses an interdisciplinary perceptive to identify the health and educational needs and resources of immigrant children and families, and to examine the impact national, state, and local-level policies have on their well-being. Current projects examine how federal immigration raids and local-level immigration enforcement policies affect the mental health and school investment decisions of immigrant children at different times in their educational pathway, how pre-migration schooling and parental resources affect children’s post-migration mobility, and how settlement in new immigrant growth areas affects the health of immigrant children.


  • PhD from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Selected Publications

  • The Academic Adaptation of Immigrant Students with Interrupted Schooling
    Potochnick, Stephanie

    American Educational Research Journal. (On-line:, 2018.

  • Household Food Insecurity and Early Childhood Health and Cognitive Development Among Children of Immigrants
    Huang, Ying, Stephanie Potochnick, and Colleen Heflin

    Journal of Family Issues. (On-line:

  • Reversing Welfare Reform? Immigrant Restoration Efforts and Food Stamp Receipt among Mexican Immigrant Families
    Stephanie Potochnick

    Social Science Research 60: 88-99.

  • The Academic Achievement of Limited English Proficient (LEP) Youth in New and Established Immigrant States: Lessons from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)
    Spees, Lisa, Stephanie Potochnick, and Krista Perreira

    Education Policy Analysis Archives 24(99)

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