Research Briefs

Title Publication Date
Reversing Welfare Reform? Examining the effects of policy changes on Mexican immigrant families
The Ferguson Papers: Community Trust in Law Enforcement
The Ferguson Papers: Race and Education
The Ferguson Papers: Race and Economic Disparities
Seven Steps to Increasing Rural-Urban Economic Connections in Central Appalachia
The Hancock Amendment: Missouri’s Tax Limitation Measure
Non-Income Effects of Welfare Receipt on Early Childhood Cognitive Scores
Snapshot Missouri: A National Comparison
Internet Sales and Use Tax Issues in Missouri
Economic Development Incentive Programs: Some Best Practices
The Path to Successful Reentry: The Relationship Between Correctional Education & Outreach, Employment and Recidivism
St. Louis Metro Hunger Atlas
Is Incarceration Still the Answer? The Impact of Current Policies & Possible Alternatives
Kansas City Metro Hunger Atlas
Feeding the Hungry: Results from a Survey of Food Pantry Directors in Mid-Missouri
Poverty, Hardship and Depression
Should the Missouri Legislature Consider Early/Advance Voting?
Missouri’s Sales, Personal Income & Corporate Income Taxes
Evaluation of Major State Taxes in Missouri
Missouri’s State and Local Taxes
Missouri’s State & Local Revenues, Debt & Intergovernmental Revenues
Missouri’s State & Local Expenditures