Master of Arts in Defense and Strategic Studies Program Overview

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The MA in Defense and Strategic Studies program focuses on an important area of study centered on understanding political and military strategy, concerned with topics such as military power and effectiveness, intelligence, diplomacy, and deterrence. The program is designed for US military officers and the civilian workforce in industries, government agencies, and think tanks related to international relations and national security programs and policy. The MA in Defense and Strategic Studies program requires 30 credit hours, and it is offered entirely online. Full-time students with transfer credit for military schooling should be able to complete the program in one year, while part-time students will be able to complete the program in two years. A series of 8000-level courses serve as the core of the program, while 7000-level courses are offered as electives. We allow 12 hours of transfer credit to current or former US military officers who are in or have previously completed Intermediate Level Education (ILE) at the US Army Command and General Staff School, US Navy College of Naval Command and Staff, US Air Force Air Command and Staff College, US Marine Corps Command and Staff College, or Joint Forces Staff College.

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