TSPA Alumnus Daniel Zozaya Brown, MPA ’17, Receives Prestigious Woodruff Fellowship from Emory University

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Daniel Zozaya Brown, MPA '17

Daniel Zozaya Brown, MPA ’17, will start his first year of law school at Emory University this fall as a Woodruff Fellow.  Daniel was one of three applicants to receive this highly competitive fellowship, which was awarded to only three first-year law students out of a pool of over 4,500 applicants. The fellowship includes a full scholarship and a stipend. 

Zozaya Brown graduated with honors in 2017 from the Harry S Truman School of Public Affairs (TSPA) with a Master of Public Affairs. At TSPA, Zozaya Brown received the Botner Memorial Scholarship and pursued the Governance and Nonprofit Management Track.

Upon graduation from TSPA, Zozaya Brown started work as a Community Development Specialist for Global Communities in Moline, IL.  “When I got there, the language was very similar to what I had been listening to while working on my Masters,” noted Zozaya Brown.  “It was all pretty familiar to me, which was the first indication that the Truman School had given me the tools necessary to do the work well and to bring my own contribution to the team.”

During his time at Global Communities, Zozaya Brown found a niche in his area of work that he became especially interested in.  “I began to hear a lot about “corporate social responsibility” and the need for someone with legal knowledge and corporate insight along with a passion and desire to work with community economic development,” said Zozaya Brown.  “I felt this might be a good niche for me . . . a good opportunity for me to explore.”  This led Zozaya Brown to decide that a law degree would give him the additional background necessary to excel in this work.

Zozaya Brown hopes to use the skills he attained at the Truman School supplemented with legal knowledge to work with corporations on increasing their social responsibility in their communities, which is an area with untapped potential he recognized during his work in the nonprofit sector.  Zozaya Brown chose a program of study at Emory allowing him to gain practical experience while he is attending school.  In this way, he hopes to have very specific and relevant knowledge by the time he graduates from law school. 

Zozaya Brown contributes some of his success to the foundation he received at the Truman School.

“I think that the Truman School, being a smaller school, is really like a family and I see them as an important part of my career. I am very thankful for the opportunities I received. My Truman School education was an important piece of the puzzle and helped open up these new opportunities, so I am very thankful,” Zozaya Brown said.