Emily R. Crawford-Rossi

Emily R. Crawford-Rossi
Working Title
Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis
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Affiliated Faculty
303 Hill Hall

PhD from Pennsylvania State University


Dr. Crawford-Rossi, assistant professor in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis, earned her doctorate in Educational Theory and Policy with a minor in Comparative and International Education from Penn State University, where she focused on issues affecting educational equity for undocumented students. Her research interests include international immigration and education policy, looking at how educational leaders and teachers advocate for vulnerable students’ access to education, and how education policy intersects with educators’ professional and personal ethical codes.

Selected Publications

Counselors as Leaders in Advocating for Undocumented Students’ Education 
Crawford, E.R., Aguayo, D., & Valle, F.
(In Press, 2017). .Journal of Research on Leadership Education.

I think immigrants “kind of fall into two camps:” Boundary work by U.S.-born community members in St. Louis, Missouri 
Dorner, L., Crawford, E.R., Jennings, J., Sandoval, O., & Hager, E.
Politics of Education Association Yearbook 2017, Special Issue of Educational Policy, 31(6). Advance online publication. doi: https://doi.org/10.1177/0895904817719529

“We don’t talk about undocumented status…We talk about helping children”:How School Leaders Shape the School Climate for Undocumented Immigrants 
Crawford, E.R., & Witherspoon Arnold, N.
International Journal of Educational Leadership and Management, 5(2), 116-147.

He Could Be Undocumented: Striving to be Sensitive to Student Documentation Status in a Rural Community 
Crawford, E.R., & *Hairston, S.L.
Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership. Advance Online publication.