Oded Gurantz

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Working Title
Assistant Professor
People Type
216A Middlebush Hall

Stanford University, PhD Education, 2018

Research Emphasis

Economics of Education, Education Policy, Higher Education


Dr. Gurantz is a 2020 NAEd/Spencer Postdoctoral Fellow. Prior to joining the faculty of the Truman School of Public Affairs, Oded Gurantz was an Institute of Education Sciences Fellow in the Stanford Graduate School of Education and worked as an Associate Policy Research Scientist at the College Board. His research focuses on gaps in college enrollment and completion between students from historically underserved groups and their more privileged peers. With a background in economics and education policy, he uses quantitative research methods, primarily quasi-experimental and experimental designs, to examine programs and policies that are both effective and efficient in ameliorating educational disparities. A key component of Oded’s research agenda is the development of long-term, collaborative partnerships with educational and government agencies. This approach helps his findings address not just theoretical questions in the literature but ensures that the results are relevant to current public policy debates and well-positioned to lead to actionable change.

Courses Taught

PA 8180: Research Methods and Inquiry in Public Affairs I

PA 8190: Economic Analysis for Public Affairs

Selected Publications

Gurantz, O. & Wielga, C. (forthcoming). How have FAFSA submissions differed during COVID-19Educational Researcher.

Gurantz, O. (forthcoming). Impacts of state aid for non-traditional students on educational and labor market outcomesJournal of Human Resources.

Gurantz, O. (forthcoming). How college credit in high school impacts postsecondary course-taking: the role of AP exams. Education Finance and Policy.

Gurantz, O., Howell, J., Hurwitz, M., Larson, C., Pender, M., White, B. (2021). A national-level informational experiment to promote enrollment in selective collegesJournal of Policy Analysis and Management.

Gurantz, O., Hurwitz, M., & Smith, J. (2020). Sibling Effects on High School Exam Taking and Performance. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 178, 534-549.

Gurantz, O., Pender, M., Mabel, Z., Larson, C., & Bettinger, E. (2020). Virtual Advising for High-Achieving High School StudentsEconomics of Education Review, 75.

Goodman, J., Gurantz, O., & Smith, J. (2020). Take Two! SAT Retaking and College Enrollment GapsAmerican Economic Journal: Economic Policy.

Gurantz, O. (2020). What does free community college buy? Early impacts from the Oregon PromiseJournal of Policy Analysis and Management, 39(1), 11-35.

Bettinger, E., Gurantz, O., Kawano, L., Sacerdote, B., & Stevens, M. (2019). The Long-Run Impacts of Financial Aid: Evidence from California's Cal Grants. American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 11(1), 64-94.

Gurantz, O. (2018). A Little Can Go a Long Way: The Impact of Advertising Services on Program Take-UpEducational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, 40(3), 382-398.

Avery, C., Gurantz, O., Hurwitz, M., & Smith, J. (2018). Shifting College Majors in Response to Advanced Placement Scores. Journal of Human Resources, 53(4), 918-956.

Gurantz, O., Hurwitz, M., & Smith, J. (2017). College Enrollment and Completion Among Nationally Recognized High-Achieving Hispanic StudentsJournal of Policy Analysis and Management, 36(1), 126-153.

Gurantz, O. (2015). Who Loses Out? Registration Order, Course Availability, and Student Behaviors in Community College. Journal of Higher Education, 86(4), 524-563.