Thomas G. Johnson

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Working Title
Professor Emeritus
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PhD from Oregon State University

Research Emphasis

Local government finance

Economic policy

Rural and regional economic development


Dr. Johnson is Professor Emeritus. He was formerly the Frank Miller Professor of Agricultural and Applied Economics, and professor in the Harry S Truman School of Public Affairs at the University of Missouri. Dr. Johnson is director of Rural Policy Research Institute’s Analytic and Academic programs. His recent research areas include the process of wealth creation and distribution in rural communities, fiscal and economic impact analysis, local government finance, renewable energy, rural entrepreneurship, broadband, land use and rural transportation.  He has studied rural policy issues in Canada, Ukraine, the European Union, and Korea. He served on an OECD team reviewing English Rural Policy. He is a founding member of the International Comparative Rural Policy Studies Consortium. He is the 2002 Fellow of the Southern Regional Science Association, 2006 recipient of the Outstanding Contribution through Economics Award from the Northeast Agricultural and Resource Economics Association, 2007 recipient of the USDA Undersecretary’s Group Honor Award for Excellence, the 2012 Provost’s Award for Leadership in International Education, the 2012 University of Missouri President’s Award for Economic Development, the 2015 College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Outstanding Graduate Advisor-Mentor, and the 2015 United States Department of Agriculture Abraham Lincoln Honor Award. Professor Johnson has authored over 250 articles, papers, and book chapters and has co-authored or co-edited six books.

Selected Publications

Energy input in conventional and organic rice production in Missouri and Italy:  a comparative case study 
Pagani, Marco, Thomas G. Johnson, and Matteo Vittuari

Journal of Environmental Management. 188:173-182.

The Economic Impacts of Local and Conventional Food Sale 
Rossi, James, Thomas G. Johnson, and Mary Hendrickson

Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics. In press.

Upward Mobility of Low-income Youth in Metropolitan, Micropolitan and Rural America 
Weber, Bruce A., J. Matthew Fannin, Sam M. Cordes, and Thomas G. Johnson

The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science. In Press.

An assessment of the energy footprint of dairy farms in Missouri and Emilia-Romagna 
Pagani, Marco, Matteo Vittuari, Thomas G Johnson, Fabio De Menna

Agricultural Systems 145: 116–126.