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Stephen Quackenbush
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Associate Professor
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The focus of my research is international relations, specifically international security. In particular, much of my research is in three primary areas: deterrence, recurrent conflict, and strategic studies. My current research focuses largely in the area of strategic studies. I have examined topics such as the impact of initiative on military effectiveness, the importance of Clausewitz’s concept of centers of gravity for war outcomes, and the relationship between past experiences with either counterinsurgency or conventional warfare and war outcomes of the other type of conflict.


Stephen L. Quackenbush is Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Missouri. He received his PhD in 2003 from the University at Buffalo, SUNY. He is the Director of the Strategic Studies Program at the University of Missouri, and served as President of the International Studies Association – Midwest in 2016 – 2017.

Courses Taught

Politics and War
Strategy and Warfare
International Conflict (graduate)
Strategic Studies (graduate)

Selected Publications

International Conflict: Logic and Evidence. Washington, DC: CQ Press, 2015.

Understanding General Deterrence: Theory and Application. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2011.

“Centers of Gravity and War Outcomes.” Conflict Management and Peace Science 33(4): 361-380, 2016.

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“National Missile Defense and (Dis)Satisfaction” [with A. Cooper Drury]. Journal of Peace Research 48(4): 469-480, 2011.

“Deterrence Theory: Where Do We Stand?” Review of International Studies 37(2): 741-762, 2011.

“Not All Peace Years are Created Equal: Trade, Imposed Settlements, and Recurrent Conflict” [with Tim Peterson]. International Interactions 36(4): 363-383, 2010.

“Territorial Issues and Recurrent Conflict.” Conflict Management and Peace Science 27(3): 239-252, 2010.

“General Deterrence and International Conflict: Testing Perfect Deterrence Theory.” International Interactions 36(1): 60-85, 2010.

“Evaluating the Monadic Democratic Peace” [with Michael Rudy]. Conflict Management and Peace Science 26(3): 268-285, 2009.

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“National Missile Defense and Deterrence.” Political Research Quarterly 59(4): 533-541, 2006.

“Not only Whether but Whom: Three-party Extended Deterrence.” Journal of Conflict Resolution 50(4): 562-583, 2006.

“Identifying Opportunity for Conflict: Politically Active Dyads.” Conflict Management and Peace Science 23(1): 37-51, 2006.

“The Rationality of Rational Choice Theory.” International Interactions 30(2): 87-107, 2004.

“Sowing the Seeds of Conflict: The Effect of Dispute Settlements on Durations of Peace” [with Paul D. Senese]. Journal of Politics 65(3): 696-717, 2003.

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