Jennifer Selin

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Kinder Institute Assistant Professor of Constitutional Democracy
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208 Professional Bldg.

Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University

Wake Forest School of Law, J.D.

Lebanon Valley College, B.A.


Jennifer L. Selin has been affiliated with the Truman School since 2017.  Her research explores how the federal bureaucracy functions the American separation of powers system.  Specifically, her published work and broader research agenda illustrate that the structure of a federal executive agency’s decision-making environment has important implications for the effectiveness of efforts by the President and Congress to direct bureaucratic policymaking.  Prior to joining academia, she practiced administrative law and specialized in federal electricity market regulation and alternative energy development, licensing, and regulation.

Selected Publications

Influencing the Bureaucracy: The Irony of Congressional Oversight 
Jennifer Selin, Joshua D. Clinton, David E. Lewis
American Journal of Political Science 58(2):387-401 (2014).

Political Control and the Forms of Agency Independence 
Jennifer Selin, David E. Lewis
George Washington Law Review 83(4/5):1487-1516 (2015).

What Makes an Agency Independent? 
Jennifer Salin,
American Journal of Political Science 59(4):971-987 (2015).

Understanding Employee Turnover in the Public Sector: Insights from Research on Teacher Mobility 
Jennifer Selin, Jason A. Grissom, Samantha L. Viano
Public Administration Review 76(2):241-251 (2016).

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