Government, Public Policy, and Artificial Intelligence Conference

March 7-9, 2024

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University of Missouri - Truman School of Government and Public Affairs and School of Law 
The rapid expansion and increased availability of quantitative data and the introduction of AI in recent years provides policymakers with both important opportunities and great challenges. The size and complexity of digital information and AI algorithms has the potential to improve how we understand, design, implement, and evaluate effective public policy. However, translating this wealth of information into useful insight requires a deep understanding of cutting-edge data-science methods, rich technical skills, and detailed knowledge about political processes.  This technology has the potential to both improve and worsen public programs, as well as democratic governance.  This conference focuses on four main themes in AI and public policy: AI in Government, Impact of AI on Democracy, Government Regulation and AI, Creating an AI Ready Public Sector, Applications of AI in Policy Domains.  

Creating an AI ready Public SectorAI and Democracy 1

We will explore what future public servants need to know about AI. As AI looms large in recent years and decades to come, we need to understand the  importance of building civil service capability to ensure the opportunities are taken advantage of and the pitfalls avoided. We need to ensure policymakers have the capability to optimize the opportunities of fast-moving, world-changing technology that has implications for global security and economic dominance and for the services delivered to citizens.

AI in Government

We will focus on understanding what AI can and cannot do in the public sector.  How is AI currently being used in the public sector? What are the potential positive and negative consequences we should consider? What are the technical limitations to what AI can do? To understand the implications for public policy, we need to fully understand the potential and limitations of AI.

Impact of AI on Democracy

We will focus on AI’s impact on democracy and governance such as on elections, public service delivery, and public trust.  AI has the potential to drastically shift the information citizens receive about government and candidates, as well as how they receive public services.  Given current levels of distrust in democracy and government, it is important that we understand how the increased use of AI in government and elections will affect citizens and democracy.

Government Regulation of AI

We will focus on how to regulate AI for transparency, accountability, and fairness to enable AI-based systems to promote a better government and democracy in which technology promotes broad social inclusion based on fundamental rights, democratic institutions, and the rule of law.

Many countries in the world are moving forward AI initiatives that establish a comprehensive, risk-based approach for the regulation of AI, although many challenges exist in doing so.

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