Educational Approach

At the Truman School of Government and Public Affairs, you will be empowered to make a difference. Guided by President Truman’s legacy of public service, promoting democracy, and international diplomacy, the Truman School provides a forum for policymakers, community members, scholars, and students to address critical challenges in politics and policy. 

With nationally accredited and highly ranked degrees focused on political science, public administration, public policy, and global affairs, our graduates are equipped with the knowledge and skills to improve the performance of government, private, and nonprofit sectors. 

In 2019, the Truman School of Public Affairs and the Department of Political Science were combined to create the new Truman School.  Relatively rare among public affairs schools, this combination provides an opportunity for students and faculty to solve problems and bring about policy change through fostering democratic discourse and ethical leadership.


Interdisciplinary Centered 

Our interdisciplinary approach leverages the strengths of our diverse faculty and student-faculty collaborations to conduct rigorous, timely, and consequential research. We facilitate public dialogue through partnerships with governments, nonprofits, and community groups, through community forums, roundtables, and lectures that facilitate public dialogue. Our students have numerous opportunities for hands-on learning through internships and capstone projects with state, local, international governments, and nonprofits and nongovernmental organizations.  


Our faculty produce consequential research focused on strengthening democracy, promoting peace and human rights, informing public policy, improving the performance of public and nonprofit administration, and promoting equitable economic and political opportunities. Our Institute of Public Policy conducts timely, independent, non-partisan research and analysis to inform public policy and benefit all Missourians. Our research is funded by NEA, NIH, foundations including Spencer, and Russel-Sage.  

Our graduates find success in careers in  government, nonprofits, law, business, public relations, campaigns and lobbying, international organizations, research institutes, think tanks, and academia.