The Office of Participatory Democracy

The Office of Participatory Democracy has been created to lend support to activities that give students the opportunity to apply lessons learned in the classroom to more practical situations. This new office provides coaching and financial support to the University of Missouri’s Model United Nations, Debate, and Mock Trial teams.

The Office of Participatory Democracy was founded with the generous support of the College of Arts and Science, the Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Affairs, and the University of Missouri System.

To continue its mission and to thrive in doing so, it will need the support of our alumni, who know how these kinds of experiences can help our students thrive in the real world.

You can donate to the Office of Participatory Democracy Gifts Fund in any amount through our secure website. A donation provides our students with funds to travel to their tournaments. Thank you for helping us to provide these opportunities for students.

Questions? Please contact Bill Horner, Director of the OPD, at


We are an organization that helps undergraduate students gain experience practicing real trial law. Members get the chance to act as attorneys and witnesses in court while trying a case, complete with affidavits, exhibits, witness testimony, jury instructions, and case law.

As an organization, we meet weekly to help members become acquainted with case materials and prepare their roles. We compete at tournaments throughout the school year to prepare for regional and national competitions.

We begin recruiting members for each competitive season at the beginning of each school year. Experience is not necessary, and we typically hold informational sessions in early September. In the meantime, if you have any questions, email us at, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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The purpose of this organization shall be to promote understanding of international issues, including those that are of a political, economic, cultural, and environmental nature. Further purposes shall include providing students with information concerning existing international activities on campus and providing students the opportunity to participate in open forums held for the discussion of international-related topics.

Whether you've done it before in high school or just want to try something new, Model UN has something for everybody and every major. We are a welcoming group of students interested in international affairs, specifically, the United Nations, and how nations and international businesses and organizations interact with one another.

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The Mizzou Debate team is an organization of students who love debate but, more than that, love the pursuit of knowledge. Debate allows students of all academic backgrounds to learn how to organize an argument and present that argument in a logical, convincing way. This is a club team that, for several years, has been competing successfully in the National Parliamentary Debate Association. In parliamentary debate, debaters are given a resolution, told whether they will argue in favor of the resolution or in opposition to it, and given 15 minutes to prepare. All possible topics are ones that well-educated college students should be able to debate intelligently. It is a format that allows both experienced debaters and those new to debate to thrive.