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The Truman School is grateful for its extensive network of alumni, across the country and across the world, who are always willing to give their time, talent, and treasure in support of the school. Our alumni are an important resource; making a significant difference to our school and especially our students. There are many ways to support the school. Visit the Support the Truman School page to learn more!

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Alumni In-Focus

Students come to the Truman School for a variety of reasons and motivations.  They leave, however, with a common goal: To Make the World a Better Place.  Read their stories.  Feel their passions.  Accept the invitation to join the Truman School in our commitment to a Brighter Day!


Tuwilika Elias '23
Jade Piros '22

 Twilika Elias Pic 


    President and Piros




Over the years the programs within the Truman School have changed and shifted.   However, we are asking alumni from political science, public affairs, defense and strategic studies, and public policy (or any of the iterations of these programs) to complete this form.  We want to share with the future generations how well our previous generations have done with a degree from one of our programs!