The University of Missouri offers a wealth of study abroad opportunities, and part of your program could be spent studying in some incredible places.  While more than 120 programs are represented by students studying abroad, the following opportunities are specifically aimed at students of the Truman School:


Students are encouraged to include a study abroad experience as part of their undergraduate studies. We offer a department-sponsored program, “Developing Dynamics of Democracy,” where students learn about democracy in Prague for four weeks over the summer. Students will earn Pol Sc 4840 credit for this experience. 

In this course, we consider what defines a democracy and the ways in which democratic institutions vary across countries. We will learn about the trajectories of democracy in post-communist Central Europe, covering the revolutions in 1989, the complexities of the democratic and economic transitions, and the governance variations we observe today. We will consider how differences in democratic institutions (parliamentary systems versus presidential systems), electoral systems (proportional representation versus single-member-districts), and party systems affect political representation, quality of governance, and policy outcomes. In assessing this, we will compare the US to the Czech Republic and other European countries. In addition to in-class meetings, course excursions in the Prague region will deepen our appreciation of the Czech Republic's history, culture, and politics. 

 Vice Provost for International Programs and Truman School Associate Professor Mary Stegmaier leads a study abroad program in Kyrgyzstan, "Politics and Society in Central Asia," which explores the history that shapes the society, culture, and politics.  

In this program, you’ll earn three credits in political science or public affairs as you hear from practitioners, scholars, and ordinary people about the political, economic, and societal challenges facing Kyrgyzstan and how the government and the international community are working to address them. You will also explore beautiful and significant sites around Kyrgyzstan. 

The next trip to Kyrgyzstan is scheduled for May 20 through June 4, 2023. The deadline to apply is February 15, 2023. For more information, visit The Office of International Programs Study Abroad page. 

Read about Hannah T.'s experience in the July 2021 Kyrgyzstan study abroad trip. 



Your Study Abroad Experience 

There are plenty of other options to explore, such as Brussels, Costa Rica, and the Balkans, including for online and graduate students. To learn more about Study Abroad at Mizzou and how to enroll, visit the Study Abroad 101 page.